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Lazy Sunday Review: Disney Infinity

Do you like toys? Do you like video games? Do you like reviews that get right to the gosh darn point? Come on in.

Last Tuesday I arrived home to find a large box on my doorstep. It was the Disney Infinity starter set for Wii U as well as a free figure of my choice (Dash from the Incredibles) and a Power Disc packet-thing. Though I cost me quite a bit ($75) I figured I'd give it a go. Here are my thoughts.


Pretty Great

  • The detail of the figures. They are surprisingly solid.
  • The ability to play with those who can't usually handle action games (aka - my wife, potential future children)
  • The depth of Disney lore involved.
  • The strange amount of freedom dealing with NPC (see below)
  • Picking up innocent citizens and throwing or kicking them off buildings, cliffs, and into bodies of water.
  • All the cool stuff you can get in-game to customize your Toy Box.
  • The bizarre fun of just doing what ever you want in the Toy Box.
  • The Lone Ranger playset as a whole.
  • Ramping off everything in the Cars playset.


  • Simplistic controls that are a little too easy to master. Though probably perfect for younger audiences.
  • Missions that take veteran gamers under 30 seconds to complete at times.
  • Wonky controls that occasionally mess up a mission.
  • The cost of it all. Though if you're smart you can snag deals left and right.
  • The graphics don't seem like they're quite up to snuff


  • The lack of a map for any setting, thus you don't know where your friends or landmarks are.
  • The fact that Buzz Lightyear, a character who has the word "Infinity" in his catch phrase, is absent from the launch series of figures.
  • The lack of a "restart" or "try again" option during or directly after missions.
  • Load times at certain points.
  • Accidentally punching your wife's character to the point where she gets legitimately mad at you.

Yawnclusion: If you love Disney and don't mind spending some cash then Disney Infinity is for you. It certainly has some faults and it's a bit too easy at times (go figure), but in the end it has enough fun to keep fans like me coming back for more. They could certainly make the game loads better in the future with some simple patches. Let's hope they do.

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