I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The madness returns. This time with more choices!

As I lay here on my sofa, coughing up a lung and popping Mucinex, I can't help but feel happy that I managed to get sick right after Pokemon X/Y's launch. Lay on the couch playing Pokemon for a few hours. Go to sleep for a few hours. Eat some soup. Repeat. It's a a great system.


I managed to get about 20 hours into the main Pokemon game this past week. My Pokedex is packed with many many creatures and I'm sporting seven of eight badges. So what makes Pokemon great? What makes it terrible? Let's run through the main points.



  • It's a main Pokemon title in full 3D. Get excited!
  • Pokemon battle animations
  • Being able to move diagonally
  • Lots and lots and lots of Pokemon to collect
  • Combination Pokemon Centers and PokeMarts (Now with dressing rooms!)
  • The ability to trade, battle, and chat with friends and strangers online at any given time
  • Being able to change clothes, accessories, and hair styles
  • Wonder Trade and GTS (making random trading that much better)
  • Getting a little too personal with your Pokemon in Pokemon-Amie
  • Multiple forms of transportation, be they Pokemon, rollerblades or a bike.
  • Easy level gaining due to the new and improved EXP Share
  • Experience points for catching Pokemon, and not just defeating them
  • Digi Mega Evolving Pokemon and busting up other trainers
  • That devilishly handsom Professor Sycamore
  • Team Flair - bad guys with style
  • Mega Alakazam (Now with EVEN MORE spoons!)


  • Super Training Minigames (aka Super Pokemon FIFA)
  • Needs more Mega Evolutions
  • The games don't support stereoscopic 3D throughout
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  • Finding places in Lumiose City. The thing is a labyrinth of similar looking shops and cafes. I realize you can use a cab, but I'm not made of money!
  • Why can I still not jump over small ledges and piles of dirt?
  • Kelfki

All in all Pokemon X/Y has been the best experience I've had with Pokemon since the very first titles (Red and Blue) surfaced in 1998. For someone who has bought and (for the most part) beaten every generation of Pokemon in existence I can honestly say that these two 3DS games are well worth your hard earned cash. They are also much more accessible than past Pokemon titles, making it a perfect time to give Pokemon a first chance or jump back into this marvelous universe you once knew.


Pokemon Y was reviewed using a physical 3DS copy provided by Target... for the price of $40. If you would like to send GBD free games to review he would very much appreciate it.

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