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Lazy Sunday Review: Puppeteer

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So, apparently there's this system out there called the PlayStation 3. Turns out it plays video games and I have one. For this reason, and because I haven't gotten a new PS3 title since January (?!), I thought I would pick up the aptly titled Puppeteer.


Puppeteer is a PS3 exclusive and currently retails for $40. Let's take a look at this *YAWN* bad boy in classic lazy sunday style.

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  • The beautiful visuals.
  • The interesting pop-up book/staged play level set-up.
  • An audience who watches you the whole time and reacts to your every move.
  • Elements of classic platforming.
  • Bizarre and often hilarious characters.
  • Your head swapping abilities.
  • The fighting mechanic involving a giant pair of scissors and a bevy of power-ups earned throughout.
  • The "Three heads and your dead" survival system.
  • Many secrets to discover.
  • Easy at times and difficult at others.
  • Voice acting is superb.
  • In-depth boss battles.


  • At times overly story driven.
  • Constant and lengthy cut scenes (see above).
  • No double jump.
  • Moving your sidekick around to touch background objects.
  • Repetitive baddies.


  • ...
  • I honestly can't think of anything that qualifies as terrible.
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Yawnclusion: As someone who absolutely adores platformers I know how hard it is to find one with a decent story line. "Oh no! Bowser kidnapped Peach... again," isn't really cutting it these days. So it's nice to see a platforming game with a solid back story. That being said, the story is a bit overwhelming at times due to all the cut scenes (which you CAN skip by the way). If you enjoy lovely looking games with interesting action elements and memorable characters than Puppeteer is for you. At $40 it's a steal, and I have no doubt it will drop in price quickly.

It's no Rayman Legends, but Puppeteer is a well made and enjoyable title.

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