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Lazy Sunday Review: Super Luigi U

The "Year of Luigi" continues with some special DLC for New Super Mario Bros U. Should you play it or is it a snoozer?

Welcome back to the most lethargic review series on the TAY blog. What do you mean Super Luigi U came out weeks ago? Did it? Well, that just means I've had plenty of time to play it. Here are the good, the bad and the meh.


Pretty Great

  • 80+ new levels for only $20.
  • Completing the challenging new levels.
  • Playing as Nabbit, the thieving rabbit.
  • Short levels with a speed-run vibe.
  • Classic Super Mario Bros action.
  • Finding hidden pixelated Luigi portraits throughout the game.
  • Pro controller support! Finally.


  • Luigi's controls. They are hard to master and can frustrate often.
  • Finding Star Coins. With only 99 seconds to complete levels you can't spend too much time snooping around.


  • Dying often before you lock down Luigi's slippery controls. It's discouraging to say the least.
  • Lack of Waluigi.

Yawnclusion: If you enjoy classic Super Mario Bros platforming and don't mind Luigi's unique feel than this game is for you. At $20 it's a steal, but prepare yourself for a bit of a learning curve.

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