Ain't no party like Wii Party U, because Wii Party U is... decent.

Welcome one and all to the new and improved Lazy Sunday Review. Things were looking a little too lazy around here, so I decided to spiff up the joint. This week I'll be taking a look at Wii Party U, the first "Wii" title for the Wii U, and the sequel to 2010's Wii Party. I played this game for quite a few hours by myself, and also brought it over to a friends place so we could "party down" as the kids today say.

Here are my main thoughts on Wii Party U broken down into three easy to follow sections. I hope you *yawn* enjoy it.

- Quite a few of the 80 mini-games (Standouts being: Mii Vaulter, Snow Shredders, Lap Happy and Water Walkers)


- $50 price point.

- It comes with a Wii Remote Plus controller (which retail for $40)

- Gorgeous HD environments. Mii's have never looked so slick.

- The bizarre host who sounds like Mickey Mouse spewing gibberish and looks like a muppet.


- "Dojo Domination" mode, where you play mini-game after mini-game and then pummel your opponents with karate.

- The House Party game "Button Smashers", where multiple players have to hold down and release different buttons in order. It's surprisingly challenging and fun.

- Epic dice rolling action!


- Most of the mini-games in the library of 80.

- The Gamepad stand which comes with the game as well. It works, but it doesn't do much.


- "Gamepad Party Mode". It's off-TV play for two people on the Gamepad. It's executed surprisingly well, but it can be pretty tedious at times.

- Most of "House Party Mode" (If playing with friends that is).

- Controls. Sometimes they work well, other times they don't.

- Having to look back and forth from the Gamepad to the TV. At times it's frustrating.


- Way too much downtime between mini-games in most multiplayer modes (Mostly "TV Party Mode")

- Some (but not many) of the mini-games

- A weird focus that's more on rolling dice and less on the mini-games involved. Therefore making luck a huge factor in winning.


- Some stupid alien who switches you with the player in last just as you're about to win. Three times.


All in all Wii Party U is an average offering and a pretty good mini-game collection. Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD this game is not. I wouldn't recommend it to any hardcore Nintendo fans who want a great single player experience, but did you really think I would? It's much more enjoyable with friends simply because you can all share in the silliness that is racing giraffes or trying to cook the perfect soup. I'm sure mini-games such as these would also be more fun if I were six years-old. For a game that's basically $10 (what with the packed in $40 Wii Remote Plus) it's a title worth trying and potentially buying if you love to throw casual multiplayer get-togethers or have young children. You're alright Wii Party U, but you're no Mario Party 2.

Wii Party U was reviewed using a physical Wii U copy provided by Nintendo. Seriously. They sent me a review copy. How cool is that? Thanks Nintendo!