A shiny new take on a classic adventure.

Hoy, Small Fry! Though my reviews normally come on Sundays, I found myself so engulfed in the world of Zelda that I couldn't pull myself away from the screen(s). Seriously though, I put in a straight nine hours of Wind Wakering on Sunday alone, which is a far cray from my average couple of hours at a time.

As usual, my lazy reviews involve the key points of the game at hand, whether they be good, bad or mediocre.



  • Classic Zelda gameplay
  • Smooth and beautiful HD graphics
  • Amazing inventory and weapon swapping via the gamepad
  • The ability to see your course on the gamepad maps while sailing
  • Pro controller compatibility
  • The Swift Sail, an item that makes ocean voyaging a breeze
  • Inclusion of Tingle into the main story line
  • New camera abilities and Miiverse sharing options
  • A spiffy Ganondorf figure (Limited Edition only!)
  • Gyroscope controls
  • Hero Mode available from the start for those who like a challenge
  • It's Wind Waker... one of the best Zelda titles of all time!


  • Lighting effects can be wonky at times, making environments weirdly shiny
  • No golden disc, like the original game.



  • It consumes your life once more.
  • Limited Edition isn't really any different, despite Ganondorf figure.

Yawnclusion: If you never had the chance to experience Wind Waker on the GameCube, this game is a must play. On the other hand, if you HAVE traversed the Great Sea in the recent past this title is still worth your time. Wind Waker was a wonderful game back in 2003, and ten years later Nintendo has tweaked it just enough to make it a whole new adventure that's more accessible than ever.