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LCS Blip In Review: Week One

Hello everyone! Welcome to the LCS Blip In Review! I'm (hopefully) going to be able to do small summations of the League of Legends Championship Series for the NA and EU scenes each week. I won't be able to cover everything (because honestly even Riot themselves can barely cover everything) but I'll try to talk about a few facts or replays that I find interesting each week.

Given it's recent launch, I'd encourage you to pull up the Music of League of Legends: Volume One as well, because the Braum track is kickass.


Given this is week one, I think we should start out primarily with discussing newcomers to the EU and NA scenes respectively.

EU, The Land of Weird Meta Bans:

There's an easy start to EU this week, the first game of the entire EU LCS: Elements vs Fnatic. Newly acquired mid Febiven had big shoes to fill in xPeke's place. Heck, the entire roster had changed except for Support YellOwStaR. Elements, previously known as Alliance and EU's first-place team last split, targeted Febiven specifically by banning out Zed, Ahri, and LeBlanc. They even said during the pre-game interviews that their game plan going in was to stomp on the LCS Rookie and have Froggen carry from there. Everyone, casters included, figured this would be an up and down stomp for Elements.

Wow were we wrong.

(Bans start at 24:00, Game at 31:00)

Febiven racked up 10 Kills, 12 Assists, and ONE, ONE death over the course of the game while playing Xerath. Let me re-iterate: this rookie was just target banned by the previous best team in all of Europe, played a champion that isn't his preferred archetype, and proceeded to annihilate. You better believe I immediately sniped him for both of my Fantasy teams following that game, and if you haven't already you should. This kid is going places, as he also then attributed 3 Kills, One Death, and 11 Assists against his old team H2K the following day.


Quick Summaries:

The rest of the EU scene this week didn't involve too many upsets. H2K simply isn't as strong without Febiven anymore. MYM lacks a real mid-laner after a sudden refusal from Kori to play.


Roccat isn't as strong as I'd like, and it's looking like Jankos is going to have to carry his team again. Gambit is still well.. Gambit, and if you follow the scene at all you know what I mean.


I should mention that Giants Gaming impressed me quite a lot with their games against MYM and Copenhagen Wolves, and top laner Werlyb on champion Jax is one scary dude, going 5/1/4 and 9/2/4 this week. (Kills/Deaths/Assists is what these numbers refer to. This will be a common structure in future posts but just wanted to clarify)

NA, The Land of Everyone Beats Everyone:

I'm not even sure where to start this section for Week One. NA is just all over the place, I mean seriously look at this:


Cloud9 is 0-2 guys. Cloud9. Meanwhile newly formed Team Liquid is suddenly god-mode, with a substitute AD Carry, and they're dropping HTC ads like its hot.

Team Impulse struggled during their first match against Team Liquid, though honestly I just think they lost at champion select. They let Gnar and Janna pass by after first picking LeBlanc for XiaoWeiXiao blind. (For those of you not up on the champions these days, first picking LeBlanc is ballsy and stupid.) Team Liquid them complimented that with Nunu and Lulu so they had four different champions built around protecting their substitute AD Carry KEITHMCBRIEF on Kog'Maw.


Trusting your substitute player to do almost all of your team's damage in your first LCS game ever. - Even More Ballsy

Naturally, it worked flawlessly. KEITHMCBRIEF went 6/1/11 that game and then proceeded to give Counter Logic Gaming a solid whooping as well, going 9/1/12. #KeepKeith is a thing now.


Coast suddenly decided hey let's try Baron when we're a man down and Dignitas is pushing into our base, what could go wrong? Seriously, please go watch this and start at 1:17:00.

Words cannot describe the SoloQ Shame that followed.

Quick Summaries:

Hey team Winterfox got a solid win over Team Gravity when they only had AD Carry Altec and Mid-Laner Pobelter active this week. Helios, Avalon, and Imagine will join the roster next week due to Visa issues. Winterfox then went on to lose against Team Coast. Those same people who made that Baron call in the video above.


Then Cloud9 (2nd place finishers last year in North America) lost to... Gravity? Old Man Saintvicious is back at it again I guess! The entire team of Gravity had only eight deaths the entire game, four of which were on Saintvicious himself. Given he was playing heavy-engage Vi, this is understandable and quite honestly, impressive. I think Cloud9 need to go back to the drawing board, just like last year... yikes.

Finally, TSM (1st place finishers in North America) lost to... newcomers Team 8. Wait what? How you may ask? Slooshi8, that's how. He played Orianna and went 9/2/3 nailing almost every single one of his ultimates with 3 or more people being hit (words don't do this justice, this is very hard to do). Is having maplestreet8 on my Fantasy Roster suddenly not bad? Are there really any top-tier teams this year? I don't even know anymore. What's going with our country America?!


Thanks for reading my first LCS article all the way through! I hope you found it semi-interesting and insightful. As I mentioned, I know I'll never be able to cover everything with the LCS Blip each week, as it's simply too time consuming. However, by giving fairly quick summaries perhaps I can convince someone out there to give watching the LCS a shot, or at the very least consider joining the eSports Community.


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