Our good friends at Reddit have "acquired" a list of supposed information from the final version of Destiny. As reported on IGN, the main story will consist of 32 missions, and 23 of them being known at this moment. You will begin on Earth, and thus make your progress to the Moon, then to The Reef (which is the asteroid belt), to Venus, and finally on Mars. While it isn't sure if there will be other areas on each location (Old Russia is Earth, etc.), they have also stated the Crucible's map list, which is below:


Twilight Gap

Rusted Lands

Exodus Blue


First Light

The Anomaly



Firebase Delphi

Blind Watch



Shores of Time


The Burning Shrine

The list of Crucible game modes are Clash, Skirmish, Rumble, Control, and Salvage; and each will have their own types of gameplay. It is unsure if all of the maps are available at launch, or if some are coming out as DLC. There are also talks of 15 different strike missions, ranging from Nightfall, to Normal, and Vanguard, and some will have incremented difficulty levels to make a total of 23.


So, do you believe all of this information to be the final say all to the game, or just an elaborate hoax to troll fans? I for one believe that some of the information could be true, but not all of it. I believe the list of Crucible modes are accurate, and maybe even the planets you journey to, but who knows if all of them have been listed yet. The list could even be an old rough draft for all we know.

Discuss below.