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Legend of Korra Discussion: A New Spiritual Age!

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It's about that time to talk about the latest chapter in The Legend of Korra saga! If you missed it last night (or your dumb DVR didn't record it), you can watch it here.


This should be obvious, but:


At the end of last week's episode, Korra and Jinorra were able to transport to the spirit world, in order to close the portal Korra opened. They end up getting separated; Korra is transformed to a childlike state in the forest, and meets Uncle Iroh, who fans of the original Avatar show will recognize. Speaking of Avatar, there were several callbacks to the previous series. Jinora is whisked away by "Furryfoot" to a vast library that was last seen being swallowed by sand in the Avatar episode, "The Library". She is met by the knowledge spirit, Wan Shi Tong, who tells her that no humans are allowed. Jinora gets past him in a battle of intellect, teaching him about the wonders of radio. Later, we learn that Wan Shi Tong has been in cahoots with Unalaq, and that Furryfoot isn't such a good spirit after all.


After Korra learns about the power of light from Iroh, she gains enough spiritual maturity to make it up to the top of the mountain, and up to the portal. Korra runs into Vaatu, and it reveals Unalaq imprisoning Jinora with his evil bending abilities. Korra is given the choice to open the other portal to free Jinora, or risk her soul being lost. She opens the portal, but Unalaq breaks his word, and takes Jinora. Korra returns to the real world, but Jinora doesn't. That last scene with Tenzin...distraught over his daughter not coming back...man!

So, what are your favorite moments from this episode?

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