“On July 14, 2015, the New Horizons space probe flew past Pluto at a speed of 50000 km per hour after a 9.5 year voyage, revealing the landscape of Pluto and its satellites for the first time. This Lego set commemorates this historic event by faithfully reproducing the New Horizons probe.”

This set isn’t a reality yet, but with enough support, it could be! Imagine: not just LEGO Star Wars sets, but being able to build something that has actually gone to space, something that actually exists. Touching on both science and history (in the making!), it would make a great collector’s item. Or just maybe it could inspire some future scientist, of whom we’re not yet even aware....


*Disclaimer: while I had no direct involvement with the New Horizons team, my workplace was heavily involved, which is how I came to learn of this set. I am not receiving any compensation for sharing this project, nor will I if the set is approved.