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Active Thumbs: Less Story, More Glory

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to video games. The vast variety of game genres and overall titles is evidence enough that there are many fans who desire different adventures . Today, as I gamed to my hearts content, I had a sudden realization - I dislike the story element of video games.

Maybe it's because I grew up with Mario and Donkey Kong, but the story element of games doesn't really impress me or make me more involved in a game. Mario could be on his way to rescue Princess Peach or on his way to McDonalds for a dipped cone, I could really care less. I just want to smash bad guys with my shoes and collect coins. The outcome could be literally nothing and I'd be satisfied. Let's fall back on that terribly overused saying - "It's about the journey, not the outcome." I guess when it comes to games I don't want many cut scenes, I don't want quick time events, I don't need much character background. I'm a gorilla, my bananas are missing, that's all the motivation I need to ride a rhino through a gaggle of giant lizards.


I can absolutely understand why some gamers love games that have amazing writing and well developed characters. After all that's what you want in TV shows, movies and books, right? There's just something about video games that makes me want to be active, and I don't mean in a Wii Fit sort of way. It's the same way with sports. I don't really like watching sports, because all it does is make me want to play them. Why watch the Lakers game when I can go play a game of HORSE on my own driveway? It's more fun to be a part of the action! When it comes to video games I want to be active... with my thumbs. And that doesn't count mashing B so the in-game text will scroll faster.

But do I really dislike story? I mean I love series like Pokemon and Zelda. Pokemon Black and White had some pretty deep writing for a Pokemon title and I suppose Zelda has had some very story heavy entries as well. But then there are examples like Link to the Past. They give you a breif history lesson, you wake up and you head out to find Zelda. That's it. That's all I want.


Don't get me wrong, I'll play a game with a great and involved story, but I'd rather have one with more action. Psychonaughts has quite a lot of cutscenes and story going on, but the amazing platforming and the shear amount of action more than makes up for it. In the end I guess you could say I don't want a game void of story, I just want one that uses it loosely as a framing device for an action packed adventure. I want a games to explain the obstacle I need to overcome and then let ME go and overcome it. Thankfully, As I mentioned above, there are many types of games and the type I love do exist. So enjoy your Uncharteds and your Heavy Rains, I'll be over here vacuuming ghost dogs. Why? Because Professor Egad told me to.

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