I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I know most of you probably hate Valentine's Day. Keep in mind that this Valentine's Day is almost the first anniversary of Nu-TAY, so no matter what the state of our romantic lives, we have each other and all that mushy stuff. We should do something fun together to celebrate the holiday, no matter how inane a holiday it is! So without further ado...A CONTEST!

Your job is to launch your ship and blow up all the other ships. This will require teamwork as you have to do it in pairs. It's as simple as this: convince me that your ship is the OTP of TAY. Just find a friend, strategize, and make your case in the comments below. The winning team will get...um...each member can pick any game $10.00 or under on Steam, my treat. And the title of OTAYP for one year. Judging criteria include:

  • How clever your ship name is. Does it flow? Is it a clever pun?
  • Make up your best "how we met" story. It should be interesting and fun!
  • Give me your best bragging!

You have until tomorrow night <3

In the interest of neutrality, anyone can ship with Dyram or me, but only the non-Dyram/me member of the team will get a prize.


Also, Aikage X Forever Alone is also allowed to compete.

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