Well, well, well. The third and final console of the eighth generation has been revealed.

Not that there couldn't be a few game changers (Ouya?), but the big three have all announced their next big thing in gaming. Which consoles interest you? Do you think the PS4 or the X1 will sell more units? Does Nintendo stand to capture the world's attention for a second time?


I'm not very interested in the Xbox One, or the PS4 for that matter. I've been a Nintendo fan all my life and their exclusives just appeal to me more than anything Sony or Microsoft can offer. Though the Wii U had a slow start I have a feeling this fall and 2014 are going to be packed with must play Wii U titles. Sure it's underpowered compared to it's competitors, but hey... it'll have Smash Bros.

If I do end up getting another console I'll definitely gravitate towards the PS4 as I have a PS3 currently. I hope each system gets it's own wonderful exclusives. A world of happy gamers is better then one filled with hate and regret.

Where do you stand? Are you excited for every console? None of them? Let's hear it!