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Let's All Take A Moment To Appreciate This Reveal

Microsoft had a lot of games to show off this E3. While not every reveal hit its mark (Flight Simulator?), one in particular stood out as a reveal done right. As is tradition, it wouldn’t be a Microsoft conference without at least one mention of Forza, followed by the obligatory car on stage.

I cringe just about everytime we hear the annual Forza pitch (“the most realistic driving sim ever!”), which is why this year’s reveal felt like a tongue in cheek rebuttal to those folks (myself included). You can watch the full clip below:

And then the lights came up revealing:


“Ha, ha, you all thought it was real car!”

Well played. The lifting side doors threw me off! I can appreciate the company has taken steps to address some of their previous criticisms (more games, less talk), or in this case, have fun with it.

What was your favorite or underwhelming Microsoft reveal? Lego car, yay or nay? I’ll be here the next couple days with more E3 related stuff. As a quick refresher, the conference schedule is posted here.


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