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Let's Cast the Newly Announced Legend of Zelda Netflix Series

If you haven't heard, it appears Nintendo and Netflix are in cahoots to create a new, live-action series based on everyone's favorite green tunic clad hero and pals. Now there's like a 73% chance it'll be a train wreck, but who will play who!?


If you have anyone in mind for a character you should post a picture of both below. I'll round up the best/worst and feature them next week.

Here are the characters we need (probably). I'm going to cover all bases here, so don't yell at me when I list characters that are from different games/time lines/whatever.

- Link

- Zelda

- Ganondorf

- Tingle

- King of Hyrule

- Navi (voice)

- Skull Kid

- Groose

- Beedle

- Fair Queen

- Great Deku Tree (voice)

- Impa

- Happy Mask Salesman

Let me know if I forgot anyone important.

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