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Let's Do E3 Bingo TAY Style! Step two : Make Predictions

Okay I made this really quick, if someone wants to make a better template, or wants one in a word file or something, feel free to make one.

Now for those of you who don't know E3 Bingo is a game, kinda like a drinking game I guess, where you write down an expected event, reveal, or stupid random thing that usually happens at E3 in each of the boxes not marked Free Space. Then if one of the things you wrote down happens you mark it off. If all of a line, column or diagonal is marked off you win! Win what? I don't know yet! (And I have nothing to give but congratulations)


Let's make a pool of possible squares. I'll compile them into a list when I think we have enough. Obviously stuff that's already been officially announced to be at E3 will be off limits. There are various other sites doing this so there are plenty of examples. I'll bump this every few days so if you think of more later feel free to add them.

Also Prizes. We need to figure that out.

We'll actually make the sheets about a week or two from E3, sound good?

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