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Let's look at Vileplume! Pokemon One a Day!

The Flower Pokemon


Vileplume is actually based off the Rafflesia Arnoldii...check it out on Wikipedia, worth the read! Select bits about the origin of VIleplume is that it is the largest individual flower on Earth and that it delivers a strong odor of decaying flesh, earning the nickname of "corpse flower"...So now we see where the "vile" comes in!

Oh, and the japanese name given to Vileplume is "Ruffresia!"


I've mentioned in the last few days that I'm not particularly fond of Oddish or Gloom, but this little back story to Vileplume wins me over. Again, the original design is pretty horrid and has room for improvement, but that's where my illustration comes in!

Vileplume shouldn't look as cute as it does - its based off of the corpse flower, let's make it dark, evil, a twisted grin in between glowing red eyes...And that's what you see here.

Originally I was continuing off of Oddish with roots for arms and legs but turns out the Rafflesia arnoldii is even crazier than just what we touched upon - apparently "it lives as a parasite, as that it lacks any observable leaves, stems or even roots...Similar to fungi, individuals grow as thread-like strand of tissue completely embedded within and in intimate contact with surrounding host cells from which nutrients and water are obtained."


If you actually look up this flower, you can see how closely Nintendo's original headpiece for Vileplume actually is in relation. That said, let's talk about my design here! Clearly, the headpiece is the main item on display, as with the help of perspective, we are given a nice view of it. It was very clean around the edges, and round, but it looked unnatural, so I took a brush after I was done and started digging into those edges to give it a ruffled look. I also added some static as overlay to give it a different texture from the body. Also, the original markings are white but it didn't look right sitting on my take, so I went yellow...Which I had to remove because all of a sudden it looked like Parasect (which shares its poison type with Vileplume and has some equally horrid and wicked back story) so I went with a green close to the toxic gas being emitted by the creature.


The rest of the body is rather simple and left in the original state with basic arms and legs foreshortened. The eyes and teeth got a nice twisted make-over, developing the vile direction I was trying to take this pokemon. I want Vileplume to be feared, to be a symbol of pure toxic...Which is why I had a little bit of fun with the billowing toxins exiting the orrifice of the plant on its head. I put skulls on there which kind of make it look like souls are exiting, which is not my intention, but a symbol of death. Take it for what you will!

And there you go! One Rafflesia Vileplume at your service! Definitely check out the plant via Google/Wikipedia and let me know what you think of the art! As always thank you for reading and viewing, and as this is Friday, its the last art of the week. Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday!




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