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Let's look at Wigglytuff! Pokemon One a Day!

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Balloon Pokemon

Fairy/Normal Type

Buff, Puff, and Wigglytuff. Today's illustration is that of this pink rabbit-like thing! Growing from a circular shape to an oval, my take on Wigglytuff is more exploratory in design than my usual route. Let's have a little fun before this weekend hits!

Wigglytuff is a design that truly evolves on its predecessor in the most forward sense. Its ears are bigger, it grows taller, its little hair tuft is raised and its limbs are a tad bit larger. Oh, and it gets a bit of a colored patch for a belly. This general design does its job, and for my job as someone exploring various designs, I would have to scrap the plain nature of it all for something a bit more sweet.


Enter Candyland Wigglytuff! I think its safe to say that this design throws a nod to modern day western animated shows, such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, and the The Amazing World of Gumball to name a few. It all started with a base draft that pretty much stayed true to the original design.

I noticed that the swirly poof of hair that I drew looked like whipped cream, topping of a sundae or other dessert. I plopped a cherry on top and I was dead set on completing the look. Chocolate chips, mint candy, vanilla wafer cone base, sprinkles over her belly and some icing acrossing the sides in addition to the headpiece itself deliver a very fun and cutesy design. I originally had her holding a lollipop but it was overkill.


I was going to make her shaped like a cupcake but I thought of muffin and then the derogatory term "muffin top" (i'm sorry, its mean but its also funny) and stayed away from that idea. The eyes themselves were going to be replaced by cookies or some other sweets but that too was a bit much. For the hands and feet, I went simple and left them as is since they're rather rudimentary in shape and depiction to begin with, and they fit the style I was going for.


Oh, also, I experimented with giving Wigglytuff gigantic muscular arms to juxtapose itself from the otherwise cute nature of the candyland body - Wiggly "TUFF". Get it? Yep. I kinda wish I went that route...But I wanted you all to sleep soundly in your beds and not fear the new agent of demise that I might have created.

As Wigglytuff resembles a rabbit in my eyes (the long ears and the feet curve into the leg like those of a bunny), I added some more elements to further drive that thought home - the teeth and a little tuft of tail add to the illustration and overall design. The coloring style I went with was flat, and again to resemble something that you might see in an episode of modern western TV shows. The vanilla wafer cone, chocolate drizzle, mint wrapper and eyes and cherry got some extra shading to add a nice balance to the flat peach and pink found all throughout.


So there you have it! One Wigglytuff, ready to eat! No, wait, please don't! Cause its mostly a digital picture on your screen but yeah. Thank you ladies and gentledudes for reading this entry and taking a look at my work! Be sure to share the series around and also promise me to enjoy your Friday afternoon and weekend! See you all on Monday with the next installment of Pokemon: One a Day!


+ Pokemon One a Day is a series illustrated and curated by Bonny John in an effort to represent the the first generation of characters from the world wide phenomenon that is known as Pokemon. The idea is simple - to draw and share one new Pokemon a day (weekends off!) until every Pokemon from the set is completed. This project is an exploration of fine art styles for learning and leisurely purposes.


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