I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Look at dat Boneface art tho (No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again)
Look at dat Boneface art tho (No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again)
Screenshot: Nintendo Direct on 3/09/2018

Ooh boy. Another Nintendo Direct, another day where I’m left pondering my future purchases.


Yesterday, in case you missed it, that sound you may have heard under the din of uproarious celebration at the announcement of a Super Smash Bros. title for the Nintendo Switch, was my heart breaking just a little bit that Animal Crossing on the console is still (as far as we know) non-existent.

So many other games are coming out though! All those snazzy games many missed on the Wii U are getting their spotlight on Nintendo’s newest console. We’ll carry around Captain Toad in our pockets and in our hearts. If the 3DS is more your speed, there’s the original Luigi’s Mansion to vacuum its way into your library, along with a remake of Bowser’s Inside Story a.k.a The Best in the Mario & Luigi series.


I remain very excited about No More Heroes’ newest. Octopath Traveler, of course. And all of this doesn’t include all the ports and games I missed from last year and this one. Not to mention the other consoles I own also have games I’ll need.

All of this to say, TAY, that I’d like to put a list out here of all the potential games I need to keep an eye on (including ones I missed) and I’d like to invite everyone to do same with their own Wishlists. Lists are fun! Even when they’re threatening to lure us into financial ruin. Or perhaps that’s exactly why I think we need to do this exercise, so we can manage our expectations, discuss our wants, and debate if these are the games we really desire as the year progresses and more games are announced for release.


Let’s get this ever-changing, ever-growing list underway! Questions marks for on the fence purchases. I’ll begin:

  • Ni no Kuni II
  • Yakuza 6
  • No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again
  • Sushido (?)
  • Trails in the Sky TC
  • Octopath Traveler
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer (Switch)
  • Dragon Quest XI
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story remake
  • Captain Toad (Switch)
  • Luigi’s Mansion (3DS)
  • God of War 4

I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of stuff! But it’s your turn. Leave your wishes in the comments below. Comment on your thoughts on mine if you so choose. Remind me of all the things I missed so that I may cry. Talk about your feelings on the Direct if you’d like. Were you excited? Are you upset about all the ports? Do you not care? Whatever your feelings, put ‘em below.

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