I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Monday Update! We’ve already got a few participants (13 people) so far so it looks like this will be a fun game. If you want to play let me know today as we’ll be starting tomorrow and we can’t add people after the game starts.


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More TAY events, you say? YES MORE.

I used to play Mafia on my old forum and it used to be a ton of fun and I figured it would work pretty well on here/discord. Haven’t played Mafia? Here is a run down of how it works.


There are many different ways to play Mafia but I figured since a lot of people might not have played it we’ll go with a pretty vanilla version.

Basic Game Rules:

There is a day cycle and a night cycle where each cycle will last around 24-36 hours to accommodate all timezones. Every night, the mafia chooses one person to kill and that person is eliminated from the game. Each day everyone (including the mafia) votes for who they think is Mafia. This vote is public. Mafia wins if everyone but the Mafia are alive, and the Town wins if all the Mafia die.


Alright now here are the roles:


The one running the game, who you can send all your requests to. The moderator for this first game will be Aik - I mean me, Quiddity.



As mentioned above, every night you collude with your fellow mafia members to kill one member from the town. Normally you can only do this during the night cycle, but since this is the internet and there really is no way to stop people from talking to eachother, you can speak to them at any time. It doesn’t really change things anyway. Once you decide on your kill for the night, send it to the moderator.



You are a normal townsperson and your goal is to figure out who the mafia is. You get one vote every day cycle like everyone else.



Every night you can ask the moderator if a player is a Mafia or not. It’s an important role but its also the role that the Mafia will be targeting so be careful. There is only one detective.



Every night you can choose one person to protect. If the Mafia chooses that person to kill, they wont die! There is only one Medic.


I’ll be choosing how many Mafia there will be once we see how many people are interested in playing.

I hope to see you guys participating! If this seems complicated, it will all make sense once you start playing. If you have any questions, you can ask me on Discord:


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