I'm really feeling it!

Just a quick check up on you folks when was the last time we shared our desktops?

I don’t recall so I thought I would write up this little thing:

Here is mine:


I am not doing to many things at once I swear! Just updating muh games as usual. Oh you probably noticed but that awesome background is from the web comic Bearmageddon. You can read it there and even grab that sweet wallpaper for yourself.

Also I have been playing too many PC games Mobas are the main blame with LOL, and SMITE and the two I updated yesterday being Heroes of the Storm, which I believe is going into open beta soon if it hasn’t already and DOTA 2. I have also been playing Mabinogi and goofing around in the open beta for Dungeon Fighter Online you can sign up for it if you want on their website. Oh and Osu man Osu! is good!

So ramble no more what do you all have to share?!

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