I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey people! While doing some research on a novel series that I enjoy, I came across something called The Wake.


In short, It's a RPG-esque build your own adventure where people choose an OC or a fandom character, and role-play as that character in short adventures ("Journal Entries") that they write. Each entry is set in an overarching dream world called Nautilus, which is pretty much the central hub for all universes.

The main story is determined by the adventures people write, and each story has repercussions on everyone else. One example given was Optimus Prime dropping the Allspark into the city's core, which changed the other robot players human and vice-versa.


The player is also given abilites referred to as "reality bending", which enables them to do pretty much whatever they want. After a certain point, the player "levels up" to the next step on the tier system and is given a whole new set of duties and responsibilities, whether it be watching over other players, investigating reality glitches, or exploring new universes.

To me, this seemed like a really cool idea, and I would love for us to create something similar. If I could get enough people together, I really want to work out some rules and a basic idea for it. I feel the creative aspects of everyone here and the community that TAY has would make it a great experience.


What does everyone think? Would it be something that you would be interested in? Are there any ideas for what the setting/story could be? I'd love to hear what everyone says and get as much feedback as possible. Thanks!


It seems like the best thing to do would be to start our own version of The Wake, which already has established rules, a basic setting and a user friendly format. I'll upload an article with the basics and try to figure out any adjustments needed for TAY.

That said, I was looking up the wiki, and came across this wonderful plot that occured in another version:

In May, Starscream murdered Cyrus and took her power. She was unmade completely, unable to return as is usual in Nautilus. Starscream tried to rule the city, but after only a week ended up batshit insane and inside the Labyrinth. He met Mare there, who could have been Cyrus but wasn't (just another possibility) and she helped him escape.

In September, Isis showed up. She promised rewards to those who would follow her, and death to those who opposed. Some people, like Katherine and Tony Stark, went along with her. (Starscream did too, but he had a plan.) Debates raged among the Wakened as to what to do, and somewhere around this time, Jin disappeared. So did a lot of people. Thomas Jefferson was unmade, and several people were turned to glass.

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