Hey y’all the long holiday season is rolling in starting tomorrow. So let’s talk about one of my favorite types of games that I have gotten in to the past few years. Below I plan to touch on DOTA 2, Dawngate (RIP), League of Legends, SMITE, Heroes of the Storm, MXM, and Battlerite. I do not play all of these currently Like DOTA 2 i left behind before the big overhaul. Dawngate was killed by EA like many other things i used to love. And the Fate of MXM is rocky at the moment.


My very first MOBA was actually League of Legends back in 2009. I played it for awhile this is just out of highschool heading to college Novi. I had a lot of friends that I played with at the time as well. Eventually my firends that I played with got weird and eventually I got swatted and that was one of the most scary nights of my life. Because one of my now former friends thought it would be funny to do so. So obviously I dropped that League for a long time let my account go and those so called friends.

I will try to tell the swatting story more in depth at a now. There really isn’t much to tell though. Thank god it was just like they checked the house with flash lights and only maybe or or two guns had been drawn at me when i opened the big patio door to see what the hell was happening. I complied wiht their directions but asked them if i could leave the screen closed so the cats didnt get out and explained the situation. They asked me about the reported suspect that broke in to the house. It was only me and my oldest nephew home at the time. he came to alert me since I had been wearing a headset in a skype call. But yeah let’s just say after I found out my friends did that to me I dropped them all and MOBAS along with them.

FAST Forward to TAY

Some time in 2010-2011 I joined TAY after lurking for a great time be fore the great KINJAcalypse. Which sundered the community I was lurking in real hard. That was back when we had IIRC chat channels and things going. I made a few friends and some of you were like “Play DOTA with us Novi!” cough cough AIKAGEQUIDDITYSTYG and I was like but Mobas are lame then I played DOTA 2 for like 2 years. So no they weren’t lame but I was still somewhat soured by my experience with League of Legends.


I found myself picking up similar roles to what I played in League. Occassionally I would play A Carry type of character that is good in late game once they level up and get items. Mainly though I stuck to support and Tanky characters though. Some of my favorites where Juggernaut, Crystal Maiden, Ursa, NYXNYXNYXNYXNYX, and Io.


I enjoyed my time with the game and Tayters and the other randoms I had befriended but once they started doing yearly compendium and season ticket things with the emergence of esports built right in to the client I fell out of love with it. However another Moba had been shared to me from a friend it was my hottest newest thing I shall explain my brief


This will be a far off memory for some but Here it was another MOBA how was I not tired of these things yet. you made no progress. it was just match after match hoping your team didn’t suck ass. However there was a glimmer of hope no matter what. I am talking about Dawngate.


Dawngates character were a bit different from the two preious games. each of them had an aspect of some sort that affected their powers or abilities. One of my favorite character was a cute little dude named Dibs. He waas a supportive character and his aspect was Ambition. However unlike how that lead people to do crazy things Dibs was simply ambitious for the future and what it could bring.


When he would ult which gave him wings of light he could fly to a spot on the map. This was very helpful for if you needed to get to your team in a pinch or go help secure an objective the enemy hadn’t kept an eye on. He was just oine of the many characters I liked to play others were Nissa who is also Dibs friend she threw boomerangs. I also enjoyed Viyana, Mina, Voluc, Raina, RENOZO’s mustache, and many others like despite me not wanting to play against or as some of the characters they all had some pretty amazing back stories. Here is a snip of of them. If you would like to read more about them check out this user maintained wiki. The game has been closed since 2015 but it feels recent still.

Ronan and Lilin were were the last characters to be added before the game closed. They actually pushed Lilin out early right after ronan when they got word that EA was shutting them down since the game wasn’t getting popular enough for them. for a game I never once saw an online advertisement for. That really sucks t because it was fine. What did I turn to next though?



The next Moba to suck my time and soul out was SMITE. Funnily enough I was a beta player but barely logged in to play the game until well after it’s official release. Enter Hi-REZ’s SMITE a MOBA featurng gods and other important people from many Mythos! In the beginning they only had Norse, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Mayan, and Hindu. In 2016 they added Japan, and this year they added Celtic gods. So you play as gods all in their prospective pantheons all in one of five classes.


Smite plays a bit differently from all the above mobas. Its not in the top down view. its more like an over the shoulder third person shooter. Everything in the game is more skill based not many on-click auto aim moves exist in the game so instead of automatically hitting something in range with auto attacks in DOTA2,LOL,or DawnGate and certain skills. You can miss with just about everything. So you actually have a chance to escape half of the shit that gets thrown at you.

I have been playing Smite for awhile and Still enjoy it to this day. With the addition of The Celtic Pantheon I finally got my wish. BEAR GOD! Look at her she is beauty and she is BEAR MOM! ARTIO who I have been playing at every damn chance I get is the best hands down. In fact she’s so good they have nerfed her consecutively for four patches since she came out. Guess what though? I can still make the enemy team throw a fit. She isn’t a damage dealer she is a Guardian she is tanky and doesn’t do much damage. However she can heal, stun, root, chase, debuff the enemy and in general be a fucking Bear that can claw your life from your body.


Bonus artio win screen go here.

SMITE recently added a new goddess as well named Discordia insert shill for the TAY discord... go ahead join us. Moving on however lets talk about more MOBAS!

Hello darkness my old friend

Guess what game I am gonna talk about next... oh a board, a plain, an inclined slope. no it’s League of legends again. so it was maybe 4-5 years since my original awful experience with league. However I had made new friends and some of them got me to try league after I had told them about the other MOBAS i had played. and guess what it was okay.


The game had been visually revamped since I last played. I immediately fell back in to my comfort zone of playing Support characters that could heal or tank. I finally got to play Volibear although he isn’t the usual roll I’d play. Voli is a fighter and he would normally be in the Top or Solo Lane. It was something I still struggle with but some matches I got lucky and things went great for me. I eventually began trying others in top lane as well but if ever needed I would fill the support role.

Now League of legends has kind of a big change up every season. Recently they got rid of IP the in game currency you can earn by playing and made it into Blue essence something you use in their loot system. However now you don’t earn Blue essence from playing... only by breaking down loot pieces you don’t want. I think it was a shitty move. also they completely scrapped the rune system which allowed people to have boosted stats depending on how they set the runs. Then they nuked the mastery system which are like additional battle effects. It used to only be three masteries now there are FIVE! You choose one main mastery and a sub mastery and you mix and match the effects you want. some of it is neat but some of it is trash in my opinion. enough about league though.

Also League of Legends now has to playable Bearacters. Volibear who I mentioned above and now Ornn his brother who is a blacksmith. Annie doesn’t count that’s playing a little girl who controls a shadow bear. unless well... no that’s definitely cosplay


I think I will cut it off here for now I didn’t get to Battlerite or MXM and Heroes of the storm later. thanks for tuning in. Have a happy thanksgiving. Enjoy your day/night.

EDIT: Here is part 2