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Pictured sourced from the video in the caption. I did not watch it but i left it in case you were interested.

Hey guys I am bored again so i am sharing my thoughts with you all. Some of my friends were raging over some news articles and interviews they had been reading about some celebrity or politician. I don’t remember the specifics nor do I wish to get political. They kept on talking about how they were, “Tired of this powdered donut puff piece bull shit.” Then I was wondering what they meant I had a vague inclination as to what it was. Like getting paid to write about a game and only say positive things or if interviewing someone who worked on it and they only have good things to say in response to your easy questions.

The only ones I could think of would be of course about all the good things that Mayor X is doing to improve the community. While never covering any of the glaring issues that still plagues Mayor X’s community. That would be a puff piece the thing. What I do not get is that if people’s Puff detectors are firing on all cylinders why don’t they just stop reading the piece if they know it’s all sunshine and rainbows and go look elsewhere for more critical news?


So I turn it to you guys. What is your stance on puff pieces? Do you Think they are dumb? Are they as bad as a paid as a sponsored advertisement? DO you abort the article when you find out where its leading?

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