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I'm really feeling it!
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Let's talk about: Sarcasm or joking online

So Hey everyone It’s me again Novi the Bear of Pants. I recently had a run in and debate in my discord server due to some of the things being typed and spoken. But as you know there are things like memes and catch phrases that get tossed around a lot. Saying things like “Kill yourself” or a meme that conveys just about the same message. For most of us its a little joke we say when we admit to messing or making a bad play while playing an online game and someone usually follows up with something like, “I understand must commit Seppuku or Sudoku to restore honor to my clan.” You know we are just joking around for the most part.

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In this particular instance the above happened. We had two new people joining us for a game that were friends of a friend. So they don’t know the humor of the regulars on the server. We had to stop and explain it was all a joke because one of the new guests was honestly worried about what was transpiring. We were all laughing as we explained it butt we assured them it was just a joke. The thing that hit me later was a PM telling me i shouldn’t joke about those things. I didn’t really respond to it but it got me thinking.

I don’t have many rules on my server just try to be nice to each other that’s it. The server itself is pretty laid back. I have never had to take a harsh action like server muting, banning, or blocking someone. I don’t feel like anyone has ever gotten that out of control or gone too far with a joke or attacking someone. But I was wondering were our actions the other night harmful in any way shape or form? I don’t think so but there was someone who got worried. Which makes me think about it. What’s your take on it folks?

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