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Let's Talk About The Upcoming Apocalypse!

As you guys are aware I’m sure, Fallout 4 is merely 2 weeks away and I have to say... there has been very little discussed about the game in TAY. So lets kick up some discussions!

Lets start with a theory!

The Sole Survivor is in fact an Android!


This has been a theory for some time for me since the announcement of the setting of Fallout 4 (The Commonwealth).

As you may be aware, within the vicinity of Vault 111 is The Institute. The Institute is responsible for the real good human looking Harkness in Rivet City in Fallout 3. A scientific community that rivals the think tank of Big Mt. The Institute could quite possibly have had several vaults under their control for experiments.

Considering you’re the sole survivor of Vault 111 the possibility of being an android is heightened. The aspect of creating human like androids or the transfer of one’s mind into an android could have been a possible experiment that has not yet been seen in a vault. In the Capital Wasteland, there were vaults dedicated to cloning (Gary Vault) and suspended animation (Dr. Braun). Since each vault was either a controlled vault or an individual experimental vault (no vault was similar) and obviously Vault 111 was not a controlled vault since the Sole Survivor was alive previous of the events of the Great War.

It is possible that the vault was indeed suited for suspended animation but why was there only one survivor? How did he survive while others didn’t?


The Brotherhood’s role?


As far as it is known, Fallout 4 takes place roughly the same time as Fallout 3. At that time the Brotherhood had been stationed in DC in the ruins of the Pentagon and had splintered into the new Brotherhood who helped the wasteland and the Outcasts that adhered to the original purpose to secure and protect old technology and weaponry.

I don’t know if the DC Brotherhood could have afforded to send an expedition to Boston. The distance being at most 440 miles. We do know that they have access to Vertibirds after the fall of the Enclave in DC and it has been seen in the gameplay trailers. If they are expanding north, then Boston is a worthwhile endeavor. New York is between the two, what remains of it is unknown since it like DC was a major target. Boston is a richer destination thanks to the knowledge The Brotherhood have of Dr. Li (who was last known traveling to The Commonwealth) and The Institute.


This opens up the possibilty of seeing familiar faces as well. If the Brotherhood’s role in the Commonwealth is significant don’t be surprised to possibly see Scribe Rothchild and the Lyon’s Pride in Fallout 4.

Super Mutants?


As we know, the Super Mutants out in the west were thanks to the Master and his FEV experimentation. The mutants found in the Capital Wasteland resulted from the experiments conducted in Vault 87. The question I have is where do these ones comes from?

The origin of these mutants have two different scenarios: Another vault experiment like that of Vault 87 or they could be a result of FEV experiments conducted by scientists at the Institute. Both these scenarios have merit. Honestly, Fallout needs mutants so they had to come from somewhere.


Ishamael Theory!: The Super Mutants were created by another faction to combat the Institute’s technological army.

Alright people, those are some of my theories and speculation for Fallout 4 plot and setting and such.


Do you have any theories that might have some validity to them? I would like to hear them!

Come Nov. 10th, the fourth Fallout will be upon us and I will be there with all the footage I can scrounge as I trek across the Commonwealth.

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