I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Life the Universe and Writing

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After roughly two and a half weeks of writing article, I think I’ve come to the realization that I’ve taken enough time to think about how my daily routine affects my writing. As you might guess, this article is partly to put off writing about Star Ocean Anamnesis (I also want to take some more time to write and think about this article so I can do the game justice) and partly to decompress from my regular routine.


Wednesdays for me are a bit rough because I’m coming off of Tuesday and Thursdays, which both happen to be my busiest days of my entire week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get up at 4:30 am to play tennis for 2 hours before my 8am - 5pm day job. The people I play with at this ungodly hour are roughly 4.0 USTA rated players and it’s the most intense physical activity I do all week. All together, I prefer to take Wednesdays a bit easy because I want to recharge from Tuesdays and get ready for Thursday. So, I think I’ll make Wednesday my light article day to reduce my stress levels.

To destress lately, I’ve been watching a good amount of youtube videos about Smash Bros Ultimate and fighting games in general. More specifically, I’ve been watching ZeRo (the previous champion of the last Smash Bros Invitational and one of the best Smash 4 players in the world) break down all the new changes and the different matches of Smash U he played during E3 and it’s really interesting to listen about all the different changes have been made to the mechanics and possibly the meta of Smash U. If you’re really interested in the competitive side of Smash Bros, I would recommend checking out some of ZeRo’s other videos because they have good content and ZeRo’s a pretty awesome guy. Here’s a link to ZeRo’s channel if you’re interested.


Another youtube channel I’ve been following is SourceGaming’s youtube channel. SourceGaming has a ton of videos and articles on Smash Bros and a lot of game reviews on various indie game titles. My favorite videos from SourceGaming is when they translate and discuss articles written by Masahiro Sakurai (the director of the Smash Bros series) because it gives me more direct insight on the thought process of Sakurai as well as giving me hope that various characters might get into Smash U.

Anywho, I should be back on schedule for my regular articles tomorrow and moving forward, I’ll move my lighter article day to Wednesday rather than Saturday.

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