North. South. East. Or was it West? Where did that mutt go? What was it the Jack-in-the-Box said about the Rocking Horse? Where's that happy music being played? Was I supposed to take the path on the left through the trees or the right near the recovery spring?

Back at the entrance, I resolve to be more careful to save his tiny, furry butt this time. I might actually read and focus on the instructions given when that colourful, swaying accordion fool gives it to me; and I might pay enough attention this time to make it to my destination (instead of looking for trouble).

Whether it's Brave Fencer Musashi's Meandering Forest, Legend of Mana's Toy Junkyard, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's the Lost Woods or some other infernal Enchanted Wood that has got me spinning right round, I'll suffer the frustration of grave-hunting; looking for rejected toys; and wandering in a creepy, dense forest just to hear that music.

I might be rewarded with a key.

I might find some freaking doll.

Or I might make some friends along the way and have a jam session.

Or maybe I'll literally stumble upon a face in the ground that's currently asleep as it awaits the arrival of aliens. I did one day. It was terrifying.


But at the end of it all, I'll find myself standing before a glorious new dungeon to explore. And even if I lost a little bit of hair when I tore it out after seeing the forest's entrance for the sixth time, at least the music kept me company on me puzzling journey.





I think I might actually just stay put for a while and listen.

Double the questions today, TAY! Because I'm a Jerk Face like that. What's your favourite "getting lost" music? What's your favourite "getting lost" level? Or maybe you really hate those things. I hear you. I kinda hate them too. Hate it or love it, please feel free to share your experiences and/or music!


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