Remember when an “Expansion Pack” was coming out and you could counts on dozens of hours of content, new classes, weapons, ect. Now when you hear that term it can be as little as a few maps, perhaps a decal on your car, or even a single dungeon. We’ve got to the point where the rare “Expansion Packs” that live up to the title is a wonderful thing we all cheer for.

The same thing is happening to “Limited Editions”. Why bring this up because we’re now actually calling “Day One Editions” limited editions. Except that’s a misnomer, they can’t be “Limited” if they’re a Day One or a Pre-Order bonus as there is no “limit” on how much will be produced.Perhaps for rarer games from Atlus or XSEED these editions actually make some sense as the first run is always quiet small.


However Kingdom Hearts II.8 HD will not be one of these examples. This is a Kingdom Hearts game that leads directly into one of the most requested sequels of all time. New Kingdom Hearts content will fly off the shelves as fans of the franchise can be a bit rabid - I know, I’m one of them.

What is sad is that the cool idea of a “Limited” Edition meant something once, now it means nothing. Hell the example above gives you a pin and a nic... bulky box. That’s it no DLC, no Simple and Clean Ray of Hope Remix CD which you know will exist, nope just a pin and a box. How is this limited? Really, it’s not there is nothing limited about it, it’s merely a cynical attempt to drive attention which it has succeeded in doing. How do I know, it’s “Trending” on Facebook for me, however that works.

As we move further and further into the modern world of gaming terms that were once important as they held meaning is falling away. Suddenly a pre-order bonus isn’t enough to make people pre-orders no you need a limited edition. However that forces another tier, after all there are those whales who will spend more for a game; so now we have Collectors Editions.

The cycle continues and we are spending more and more money for less and less. However I’ll remember Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 as the first of these worst offenders. There will be more like them, we know this too be true, but there will always be a first time when a “Limited Edition” came with a pin and nothing else.


What do you all think? Is this getting out of hand? Is this the worst Pre-Order “Bonus” masquerading as something more or is there something more outrageous. Let me know in the comments.


Oh wait... I forgot I wrote this. At least they called it a “Pre-Order” Bonus.