I'm really feeling it!

What the hell game... I thought you were going to be a nice light play in my spare time, when I need a pick me up (rpg grinding is almost therapeutic for me), kind of game. I was not expecting you to punch me in the gut, take my arms, and kill my friends all in the same night...

This game starts out a little heavy (like playground bully heavy), and just slowly, very slowly ramps up to the end of the game. I reached a point in the game, and thought to myself, how the hell did I get myself into this mess. A word of advice for those thinking of playing this one through, don’t grow attached to anything, because this game will just take it.


I literally just finished the game like 15 minutes ago, so maybe my perception is a little skewed, but I would say this is one of my favorite RPG experiences to date. It’s original, the cast is interesting, and the story is top notch. It’s not like classic level Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy quality, but its pretty darn close. I would definitely play this game again over any Final Fantasy after 10. My one complaint is that getting mags (the games currency) can be a bit grindy, the only real way to grind them being killing shadow creatures for 10 mags a pop.

Go and play this game, if you see it on steam sale and are asking yourself “hey me, is this game worth it?” the answer is definitely yes, it’s pretty short, I finished in just over 9 hours, but I didn’t see everything.

Welp, scratch another game off the backlog list! This is gonna take no time at all... Right?


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