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It was during the summer of 2012 that I first stumbled across The Indoor Kids. I was looking for a podcast to listen to at work while on autopilot (don't worry I'm not a pilot). So I searched for podcasts featuring interviews with one of my favourite writers/artists, Bryan Lee O'Malley and found he was a guest on a video game podcast. I knew nothing about The Indoor Kids but the combination of Scott Pilgrim talk and video games was too good to pass.

I was not disappointed and in the next several weeks I ended up listening to every episode and it is still the podcast I look forward to the most every week.


It is on the popular Nerdist Podcast Network so not exactly hidden away but I thought I'd share the main reasons on why you should also listen to The Indoor Kids.

The Hosts

The rapport between husband and wife co-hosts Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon is the main attraction of The Indoor Kids. Whether it is during the intro (The Intro Kids), with or without any guests, the conversation always feels natural. They bring their own and shared experiences to discussions giving more of a personal and experiential feel rather than journalist or promotional.

The Guests

The range of guests is impressive. From comedians, writers, actors and musicians, to those involved in the video game industry. If your looking for somewhere to start, the chances are you will find a episode with a guest that interests you. Whether it is Steve Agee, Aisha Tyler, Wil Wheaton or Troy Baker, the creators of Gone Home or Howard Philips of Nintendo, the list goes on.


The Topics

The Indoor Kids is a primarily a video game podcast but don't expect the all latest news and reviews. There are plenty of other places for that. Instead the episodes range from specific topics such as gaming mysteries and console launches to game specific episodes. The interviewing of guests is often entwined with such topics. It is not limited to just video games either. The conversation often goes on tangents and covers movies, music, growing up, love, sex and pretty much anything.


The Comedy

Oh and it is very very funny. Expect yourself to break into smiles and laughter in public places.


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