I'm really feeling it!

Hello everyone and welcome to a special edition of TAY Time Chat! You see as this post is being written while I'm stuck in a Miami Metro Rail wagon, and why was I using the horrible public transport of the city of Miami? Well I was on my way back to Venezuela when American Airlines decided to cancel my plans cause they had an "full" flight and told me I couldn't board the plane (All Lies!) so I called a friend to ask her if I could crash in her apartment for the night since I'm taking the first flight tomorrow morning... and thus I got into this wagon...

News by Hannibal Chau Chow

Man jumps to his death after ask to go to one more store.

Putin wants more information control!

Evidence of ancient lake on Mars.

So Tired... tugging 4 bags around Miami isn't fun... you know what's fun?! Novi's Open Forum! Or TUT's Question of the day! Go check em out while I get something to eat =)


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