I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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For the first time in years I’ve not payed attention to E3 in the slightest. I don’t really know what’s been revealed, teased, or otherwise shown other than what I’ve been picking up second hand. I guess the new Smash has everyone or something? Yeah, I’ve basically been living under a rock when it comes to gaming news lately, and it’s actually quite nice.

By ignoring what’s going to be coming out, I’ve been able to focus on games that have already come out that I own and have yet to finish or even start. I’ve slowly gotten back into cleaning out the old backlog instead of adding to it. I’m not thinking about buying new games because I’m not watching trailers and getting convinced to buy things.


Additionally, I’m not getting all hyped up for new games, only to be disappointed. In the past, I’ve gotten really hyped for things shown at E3 only to be disappointed by them when they came out. By not even looking at what’s been shown, I can keep hype levels at a reasonable level and when they finally come out I can appreciate them for what they are and not what I unrealistically expected them to be.

This is all assuming I don’t end up watching some trailers and reading about all the gaming news coming out. As the host of the infrequent TAY podcast, I’m going to have to look this up soon because E3 is the perfect time for it to return. The last episode was last E3 after all. The time will come when I need to find out all the exciting news, but for the time being, it’s nice to ignore gaming news for a while.

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