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Local Next-Gen Console Street Team Leaders Meet, Negotiate Turf Lines for the Holiday Season

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DETROIT – Meeting again for the first time since 2006, the three leaders of the local street sales teams for the next generation of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo consoles gathered today in the basement of the Douglass Public Library to discuss their intentions for the upcoming holiday season.


“I think we all know why we’re here today,” opened Martin “Supa Smash” Nakahara, leader of the Nintendo Krew and the senior statesman of the assembly, addressing his rivals and the two lieutenants that each man was permitted to bring to the rare conference.

“To try to avoid unnecessary bloodshed while we handle our business over the next couple months.”


The nine men, all of whom were acquainted to some degree, sat together tensely at a round table and closely scrutinized one another, acutely aware of the importance of their every word and action.

“So, I want to start by proposing the old turf lines,” continued Nakahara, whose crop of black hair appeared to have thinned in the intervening seven years since the violent street battles of the last generation’s console release – a sign of his aging that was not lost on anyone.


“The old lines?” bristled Ramiro “Tomb Raida” Ortiz, the more recent and ruthless head of the Sony Street Soldiers, scanning the room with his eyes as he reacted to the initial offering.

“The game done changed, old man. We breaking out of the old lines. The streets don’t want what you got no more,” emphasized Ortiz, his soldiers nodding in agreement.


“Watch your goddamn mouth, you son of a –” started one of the young Nintendo Krew lieutenants, who began to stand but was halted by a severe look from his commander.

“Raida’s right,” interrupted Andre “Masta Chief” Duncan of the Microsoft Kliq, entering the foray and momentarily pausing the escalation of the situation. “The old lines is old, and my crew is expanding our operations.”


“We takin’ all corners around the GameStop off 8 Mile Road,” declared Duncan, his eyes focused squarely on Ortiz, his most-hated rival.

Ortiz laughed humorlessly. “You movin’ on my turf, Chief?

“You been weak out there,” Duncan answered flatly, draining the color from his enemy’s face.


And, as the other men began to shout and threaten, Nakahara suppressed a faint smile. “How long had he been in the game now?” he wondered to himself, briefly calling to mind his days as a young enforcer in 1991 during the savage console wars between Nintendo and Sega.

There would be no peace in the streets this holiday season, he knew.

There would only be blood.

Just the way he liked it.

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