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Logic's New Album Features Steve Blum, is Fantastic

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Logic’s sophomore album, The Incredible True Story, dropped last Friday, and it’s a doozy. The DMV area rapper has been making a name for himself over the past few years, and with his newest effort it seems he has finally established his sound.


At a sprawling 13 tracks and 5 skits, The Incredible True Story covers the story of Quentin Thomas and Kai Williams, voiced by STEVE BLUM and Kevin Randolph respectively. Many hip-hop fans, myself included, find skits padding albums annoying, but this is one of the rare occasions when they work perfectly. Maybe it’s because I’m a giant fan of Steve Blum and his work, but I was always looking forward to the continuation of Quentin and Kai’s journey into space in search of planet Paradise. Each track is great on its own, but what’s surprising is how fleshed out the story told by the skits actually is. It’s no Cowboy Bebop, but considering how little time the album dedicates to the skits it’s a pleasant surprise.

Musically, The Incredible True Story is easily Logic’s most enjoyable project to listen to, featuring tracks of varying tempos and depth that come together in a way that just works. Logic’s gravitation towards more old-school beats mixed with his punchy, new-school delivery leaves the project feeling familiar yet refreshing, a sweet spot that is tough to find for even the most seasoned emcees. Stand out tracks are Paradise, Like Whoa, Young Jesus, and Fade Away. Fade Away and Young Jesus are smooth as butter and do a great job showing off Logic’s flow and wordplay. Paradise is more introspective, with Logic looking back on his life and his struggles and failures and reflecting on how far he has come.

The album is full of emotion and anxiety mixed in with the braggadocious swagger typical of rappers nowadays, and the result is a deep, reflective project that still manages to have fun. This is without a doubt one of the best rap albums of the year. Full of anime and pop culture references, hard-hitting punchlines, and brutally honest reflections, this is an album that does everything and still manages to be cohesive, an incredible feat for the sophomore album of a young rapper. It would have been easy for such a varied approach to make a mess of an album, but Logic hits all the right notes, an immense improvement from the already solid Under Pressure. The Incredible True Story is just that: incredible, and any rap fan is doing him/herself a disservice by skipping it.


For me the album is near perfect. Logic has always said that he is all about his fans, but I feel like the album was made specifically for me. 9.5/10, I would recommend this album to anyone who likes music. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to give it another spin, in hopes of reaching planet Paradise.

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