The final two figures of the Disney Infinity 2.0 lineup have arrived.

I can honestly say that I had been hoping to get my mitts on Loki since his announcement back in the fall of 2014, but Falcon was completely off my radar. Until now that is. I'm a huge fan of any flying characters the current Infinity family as it makes getting around the large sandbox overworlds that much easier.

Both of the figures look fantastic, Loki especially. His sinister pose and haughty smirk are just perfect. I figured I would snap a few pictures of him in all his villainous glory.


Look out, Thor! He's reaching for your hammer!

Next up was Flacon, the unsung hero of the latest Captain America film. The first african american Disney Infinity super hero (Nick Fury doesn't count as super) to date. His translucent wings looks extra spiffy when you have some bright lights shining nearby.


Cap steals the spotlight once again. Tsk tsk.

Both characters have distinct play styles and work with the Avengers playset. I can recommend them enough to any Infinity enthusiasts out there. Both are well crafted editions to my collection. Here's a look at the whole 2.0 family. A great group!