Look at it. This has nothing to do with the X-Box One launch, but I feel like making a topic full of random ramblings. So I will!

- Ni no Kuni is fucking boring. I have no idea why it's getting the critical praise it is - it looks and plays like an RPG for kids, and it's so horribly dull. Sure, it's got artistic elements from Ghibli and a great musical score, but people seem to forget that Ghibli outside of Miyazaki Sr. is pretty terrible.

- Unemployment sucks, but I'm working part time at Best Buy (they make you pay for your fucking uniform!), and I have two interviews on Friday and Tuesday.

- Sometimes, I like to sit down in front of my game collection, pull out each individual game, and just look at it inside and out. I haven't done this in a while, and today I discovered that I have a bonus disc for Mortal Kombat Deception with an arcade-perfect port of the original MK. Neato!

- My brother helped a wealthy friend of his get through a really bad breakup, so this friend straight-up bought him a PS4. A fair trade-off for dealing with emotional guy-friends, I'd say.


- Look at this amazing piece of art I saw recently at Shoppers World Brampton (a local mall). If I wasn't unemployed, I so would have paid the $200 to own it.


- BattleBorn, if you're reading this, they're after you. You have 3 hours until they come for you. You may not know they're there, but they will be. They know your dress size.

- I had a ball of a time trolling the fuck out of Pokemon Showdown. It's an awesome site, but the mods are a pack of unfriendly assholes. I'm amazing at trolling, but I try to reserve my talents for those that actually deserve the grief.


- Every plaza here in Bramalea has a pizza place and a doctor's office. I'm not even joking. A lot of Ontario's doctors are Indian, and the area I live in is predominantly Indian. I'm willing to bet a lot of them don't want to leave their own insular community, but I'm not really complaining - I can walk into see any doctor, pretty much any time, without waiting more than 15 minutes. Not sure why we have so much pizza, though.

- I love my 2002 Pontiac Sunfire.

- Cheapest way to eat good food? Two options - 4 tubes of ground chicken for $10 + Hamburger Helper for $1 a box; 1 tube + 1 box = two meals for ~$3.50. OR huge bag or tortellini for $10 + cans of pasta sauce for $1 each; tortellini lasts about 10 meals, each can lasts 2 meals.


- So I walked down to the grave harvester on the corner of Corn and Fuck and said to the man, who stood 8 feet wide with green ears, "Sir, what have you done with my dog?" He responded, with vigour, "I have a pretty ideal; his name is Jim and he ran for groceries in the state of France. Sir, have you a trifle with my carnival? It is most precocious, and I like what I've done with it." For it was then that my whale decided to was time to carve the roast. It was sometime between 14 and rock, and I smiled gleefully. The pants were rusted. What one might not understand is exactly what.

- Any questions?