I'm really feeling it!
if you’ll look closely you’ll see the happiest man on earth and a woman several leagues above him
Photo: Rachael Lee Photography

So I’ve missed a few posts lately. For one big reason.

My wife and I went and got ourselves hitched last Sunday. It’s been a long time coming and it felt amazing to finally arrive at the wedding venue on the day.


I brought my 2DSXL to the venue; I really thought that I’d have some downtime before the ceremony! I definitely didn’t. The whole day was surreal and wonderful.

Just wanted to provide a little context as to why I haven’t been writing on here for the last week or so. I’m so impressed with everyone who has kept up with the writing challenge (can’t be much longer now!) and I can’t wait to give it another shot next time around.

We’re off to the U.K. this week for our honeymoon so I don’t anticipate being able to contribute too much, but I’ll do what I can.

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