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So were you expecting another top ten games of the decade list. HA NOT FROM ME no sirree I don’t do that… yet. I wanted to talk about something that’s damn normal and expecting since the PS3, and XBOX 360 Era of console gaming.

I believe it became more common once consoles did it, but I remember flash based game sites like Kongregate, Armor Games, and Newgrounds having them as far back as late 20019 to 2010 back when I was leaving high school. I know for sure XBOX 360 had them since the beginning of the XBOX 360 era back in the mid 2000’s I think.

I had a 360 before I had a PS3 so I recall when I got my PS3 and some games just did not have trophies that it was kind of funny. Also funnily enough its before I became solidified as the Novibear I am today. Back on XBOX 360 I was known as Kevinovnov.


Xbox 360 used a simple system of GAMER SCORE every achievement yielded like a number of gamer scores it was like early Console Ego measurements. Sony did something a bit different though more on that later.

I have not gotten anywhere since I moved on from my XBOX 360. The first achievement I ever got was from starting Gears of War but then I just helped my brother and nephew beat the co-op campaign. Well actually I did I went back to beat Tales of Vesperia as I figured we would never get the English PS3 version that supposedly existed. Then a month after I beat it they announced the definitive edition. I was pretty pissed I waited years and just finally it came out with all the content I was not able to even get as DLC.

Besides that I got in to Achievement and Trophy hunting. Since 360 got some exclusive Japanese Role Player Games. I was big on them after all RPG games I played on the PS1 and PS2 games I had played. I do not remember getting the coveted 100% on many games Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection and, Enchanted Arms I believe. I was not too big on it as I was sharing it with many a people at the time.


However that all changed when I got a PS3 and they started up with trophy support. How might you ask. I got involved in a site that used to be known as PS3Trophies.com It has since https://www.playstationtrophies.org/ since the Sony ecosystem expanded to the Late PS Vita and the now current PS4. I used to join groups to help people with BOOSTING trophies for games with dying multiplayer or games where you could just work with someone on knocking a trophy out if it could be done in private matches and none of your friends owned it or were interested in renting it.

Sony’s trophy system was not as simple as Microsoft’s Gamer score Points. The trophies come in the grade of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Platinum is the reword for getting all the other trophies similar to getting a 100% on a Xbox game with a possible score of 1000 points. However I really got in to it when one of my friends from High School and college also got a PS3 and we began to compete for trophy score while also helping each other boost trophies on multiplayer related things.


I was just looking back on the decade but my first ever Platinum trophy was for Tekken 6.


Since that all began to this new decade I have been hard at work I have earned a total of 8,736 Trophies since then 59 of those being platinum trophies, Leading me to a star level of 32? since they didn’t quite borrow but the trophies and star levels lead to some numerical value for your star level? Anyway I wanted to talk about my PSN Trophies please let me flex on you.

The last trophy I got in the decade was Dragon Quest Builder 2 back on August 28th it took me about a month and 2 weeks since I started it. I am not sure what my actual play time capped out at. That game was pretty amazing. And funnily before that I had just got the platinum for Tekken 7 the main line sequel to my very first platinum trophy Tekken 6. Although I sat on Tekken 7 for almost 2 years due to starting a full time job and genuinely sucking at fighting games.


Wanna see some more of my trophies have a look if you wish.


Some games do not have Platinum trophies but, can only be done to 100%. This was usual done for smaller titles or indie titles. However there was another Achievement bastion.


So uh Steam you know that thing Valve made alongside Half Life, Team fortress, Portal, and DOTA 2.


I own too many games on steam but hey at least I almost reviewed like half of them and have only gotten a perfect achievement score on 11 games. However I cannot figure out how to actually view my completed games on steam though. If someone know let me know.


So uh what was the point of this article… I don’t know?

  • Any trophies or achievements form a game that you are proud of?
  • Is there a trying tale or story behind it?
  • Did you used to hunt trophies or achievements?
  • Any Trophchievmentys you never managed to get?
  • Any questions for me?

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