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LoserMLW Recommends: QuizUp your life!

LoserMLW here, with a quick word on a new trivia quiz app I recently discovered for my mobile device. It's called QuizUp and it is a social, competitive trivia game you play with people all over the world. My wife, Dishkitty, attends a pub trivia league on Sunday evenings and I've been looking for a good app with lots of questions and quick match play. QuizUp completely fits the bill!



Matches are 6-10 questions with the last question being worth double points, and the higher level you unlock, the harder the questions get. There are many trivia categories, with specialty groups within each category. You may choose TV Shows, and see Arrested Development, Animated Series, Psyche, Law and Order, etc. The list goes on and on and on.

Whether you win or lose a match, you gain XP toward the next level of trivia in that category, and reaching specific levels unlock Titles and Achievements. Achievements are simply awards for gameplay objectives, but Titles allow you to display the title you won in your profile. The titles are specific to the trivia category or subcategory you may have leveled up in - for example, I reached level 10 in Movies Trivia: Batman, and I received the "Arkham Asylum Resident" title. Another player had leveled Star Trek trivia and received a "Crewmate" title.



The game is multiplayer-based, and consists of you playing matches against two categories of player. You can choose to play against a random player from across the globe, or you can choose to add and compete against friends from Facebook, Google + or you can search the player database for friends who may be logged in. Your player stats are tracked within your profile, and you can see the stats of any of your friends or competitors. The game also allows limited chat functions and discussions with groups of friends or players.


Aesthetics and Availability:

Not only does QuizUp look good from a design perspective, it plays smoothly with little lag and load times. The developers, Plain Vanilla, chose to use a very clean look, with definite influence from the infographic craze that swept the internet video and advertising firms a few years ago. Use of bright color and contrasts makes a lot of the interface pop and also makes it easy on the eye for long play sessions.


Currently, the game is available for both the App Store and Play Store, it's totally free and they recently pulled their ads in response to player feedback. It appears to be cross-platform as well.

I think the TAYtans would enjoy it - I know I am. If anyone decides to give it a shot, add me as your friend! Of course, I can be found as LoserMLW, and I double dog dare you to challenge me to a match!

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