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Hello my lovely fellow TAY. Sorry for the long silence. I actually have just been lurking. Here lately I really just did not feel like posting anything, which was strange for me. But today I wanted to talk about something that has been amusing me as I have been adventuring through Spira. And that is the idea of being absolutely terrible at a game but still loving it. I think it is something special when you enjoy a game even though you probably suck at it. A major case for me being Blitzball. I love the damned minigame and have even leveled up the team to where I generally win, but I can see that I do indeed kind of suck at it. Of course even with the new remaster I have still sunk hours and hours into nursing the Aurochs into some semblance of a team. Despite the best efforts to undermine me at ever turn by some jerk named Keepa. It got me thinking about other games where this was the case for me.


One big one was the swoop races in KOTOR 1 and 2. While I really loved the races and it made me feel awesome when I was racing, I can freely admit I was quite bad at it. Whether it was getting caught up in things and forgetting to shift or hitting rocks because I hit the wrong boost pad, I generally was about as adroit as fricking Jar-Jar. And even when I got better it worked against me because it got to the point where if I did too well the game would beat my score in the first race and then I could not get any faster after that. It was infuriating but the fun I was having actually doing the race outweighed any frustration that I may have felt.

This one is a bit of a given really. I enjoy the idea of Roguelikes and honestly enjoy most of my time playing them but man do I suck at them. I don't think I could impart to you through words just how bad I am but I will try to do so. Do you know what the second area looks like in Spelunky? If so, that makes one of us. I am so bad at Spelunky that my wife actually took the controller away and began playing because she felt bad for me. My wife is a casual gamer at most times, but she is worlds better at these kinds of games than I am. I have tried multiple Roguelikes since then and I can safely say that my enthusiasm just does not back itself up with any measure of talent. That being said, I still break it out to play for 10-15 minutes every now and again when I have time because I just enjoy the gameplay and the IDEA of the game.


Ah yes. Catherine. This game is super special to me because it is one of the games that I truly loved to lose at. I cannot tell you how long it took me to get good at this game. I don't know if I was just not in the proper mindset at the start of it or if I just suck at this particular kind of puzzle but wow it was epic how bad I was. I wish I could take you back in time, part the mists and let you watch. I'm pretty sure it would make your day. But this game is unique in that I kept at the game until I got good at the puzzles. I would still lose occasionally but it was strange that losing at Catherine never angered me it just made me want to keep playing.


So what about you my friends? Are there any games you have come across that you are absolutely terrible at but you don't care and enjoy them regardless? Do you jump off mountains in Skyrim for fun without frustration? Do you finish last in every race but keep on plugging along? Are you the person in the raid that has absolutely no idea what they are doing but show up for every single one? Tell me about it!

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