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Love You Guys So Much

A few years ago, I signed in on Kotaku for the first time, and tried to dive deep into the pool that was their daily Talk Amongst Yourselves open forum. It was frustrating trying to get noticed amidst the sea of popular commentors and be raised from “the pink” at the time, but I kept at it and finally made a few friends I talked to regularly.

Then the great Kinja exodus happened, and TAY was turned into a side blog/forum of sorts. The few us that stayed made the best of it alongside a few new names that popped up at the time. You guys put in so much work to make this what I consider the most welcoming community I’ve found online, and inspired me to try to do the same, with varying degrees of success.


Here we are, years later, and this place is still going. A few of the names from earlier are gone for various reasons, but I wish those people nothing but the best and hope life finds them happy and healthy, even the ones I argued with far too much. Many new faces have also come around, and it’s awesome to see what they’ve come up with, from Craft-TAY Corner to the Crystal’s Call to everything you guys do over at Ani-TAY. Bowling’s interviews are a must-read feature. It’s just amazing to see what this place has become, despite any and all drama that has occurred over the years.

Allow me a bit of a humblebrag here, but my most recent article managed something near 2,500 views. That kind of support amazes and humbles me. It wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for those of you who put in so much work to make TAY the amazing place it is. I love you guys and gals so much. Thank you for making this my home on the internet. Here’s to all of you, and to the future of TAY!

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