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LTPD: 1st Party vs. 3rd Party Controllers

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The people have decided, and yeah... I was kind of expecting the results.

I have already mentioned that 3rd-party controllers were always frowned upon during my childhood. I was curious whether the "third party controllers suck" mentality was as present back then for other people, and if it still applies today. Well, almost 80% of you stated that you always prefer to use first party controllers whenever possible. That is a pretty clear decision! Around 8% use a mixture of both, and just 4% don't care what kind of controller they use.


The discussion around this was pretty consistent overall. In general, it is agreed that while third party controllers have certainly improved, the build quality and longevity of them definitely aren't on par with the originals. Also, while no one posted a picture of their favorite third party controller (because people don't like using them for the most part!), I will leave you all with this great image and quote from DeadlyFatalis.

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"You always knew you were the second-class friend when you got shafted with the 3rd party controller."



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Original Post

Do you prefer original controllers or their wacky third party counterparts?

I love a good discussion, and I love polls, so I created Let the People Decide™; a weekly TAY article that presents a topic and a poll on Monday, then summarizes the poll results and discussions on Friday. You can read the previous LTPD entry here.


Raise your hand if a parent accidentally bought you a 3rd party gaming controller when you were growing up. Yep, I see those hands. You are not alone.

I never owned a console growing up until my brother and I saved up our own money and were allowed to buy an Xbox. But that didn't stop us from frequenting our friend's houses to play on their consoles! From NES to Genesis to Gamecube there was a reoccurring situation whenever we played video games with friends, and it involved fighting over who could play with the "good" controller that came with the console, and who had to play with the 3rd party controller.


The story was always the same: "Yeah, I asked for an extra controller for Christmas and my parents bought this one because it was cheaper," or "They thought this would be better because it has more buttons." That was many years ago, and there is a larger variety of off-brand gaming controllers now than back then. Many modern controllers are perfectly acceptable, and let's not forget the plethora of modern PC gaming controllers!

So which is it? Do you prefer playing a console the way the manufacturer intended, or are you a rebel who enjoys the various benefits of 3rd party controllers? Vote in the poll then discuss in the comments below!


Also, if you have a specific 3rd party controller that you think is great for your console/PC of choice, share it!

Reasons for 1st Party Controllers

  • The gaming experience is supported by the company that created the console.
  • They tend to boast a better build quality than their 3rd party counterparts.
  • They tend to last longer.
  • The look nicer since they aesthetically match their respective consoles.

Reasons for 3rd Party Controllers

  • They are often far cheaper than 1st party controllers.
  • The sometimes include button customization and other features.
  • The ability to buy a controller for one console that replicates a controller from another console (like a PS3 controller that is designed like an Xbox 360 controller).
  • There is a large variety to choose from, so it's easier to find one that fits your hands/play style.

Let the people decide!


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