X. Half a Dozen Oranges

Most of the crew was starting to feel the effects of losing so many. One of the cartel’s, the Triple Triad, had been eliminated entirely with the death of Gugsy, but no one remembered firing his corpse off into the void. The lack of closure was upsetting for some, but with half the crew dead, there wasn’t any time to be upset. Too much work to be done.


The maintenance droid of the ship, Hucota7, had been pulling round the clock shifts in the engine bay since the majority of the crew couldn’t trust one another. It wasn’t a very inviting place even before the cartel ruined everything, let alone now. So Hucota7 was able to enjoy his alone time, and clean up the mess his crew mates had left around the ship.

Days went by, and the reigning cartel, the Threefold Syndicate, continued its killing. Likewise, the crew continued lynching their own, hoping to catch the criminal scum. No one had been jettisoned out of the airlock in some time though.

It wasn’t until Novibear of Pants, resident tailor of the Vorga, took a trip down to the engine bay to see how Hucota7 was doing that the crew found out. Crammed into the cabinets and tool closets of the mechanic station, was half a dozen former crew members. They all had various injuries; beatings, gashes, laser burns, strangulation marks, the list went on. Hucota of course had only been trying to maintain the ship, but the site was ghastly.

The crew drew straws to pull out the dead. Once they were completed, they found the mechanic’s station to be the final resting place of DragonAshes, Gugsy, MortalDictata, ShockWaver, StygianLoli and Taco. This was supposed to be a routine mission, but was turning out to be more of a horror show.