VI. Misdirected Shadows

It was DisturbedShadow’s shift for sleep, which he accepted with glee. It was becoming harder to maintain the Vorga as the crew eliminated each other haphazardly, and would become harder still until they had eliminated the criminal scum entirely. Two notches above his bunk marked the lucky yet successful kills that brought the ship as a whole closer to safety.


He looked at them and wondered. Was he looking at them with disdain, hating that he had not been able to figure it out sooner? Or was he thinking of his own mortality, how easily the cartel or the rest of the panicking crew could eliminate him?

He sighed, and crawled out of his bunk. If he couldn’t get to sleep, he would at least get a glass of water. Maybe that would calm his nerves.

As Disturbed pulled open the door, he could hear the soft hum of a charged ionizer. There was little time to react before the shot tore through his side, blowing him backwards into the room. The assassin fled, without so much as a single soul catching who had tried to kill the calculating crewmember.

The crash of DisturbedShadow’s wounded body against the bunk drew the attention of the nearby crew, who came rushing to his aid. With luck, they were able to save his life, albeit with a new liver. It wasn’t until hours later during the “morning” shift that they found CloudPersona strung up in the engine bay.


His hands were bound over his head, bruised and cut from the chains. His body was limp. If only a medic had gotten to him in time, they could have saved him. He was badly beaten, the signs of torture clear all over his body. It was hard for the crew to look at their friend this way. It was even harder to look at each other after abandoning him.

The Thing


VII. The Halloween Special

The halls were dark and quiet. Masena hadn’t seen a single soul since he had come up from the kitchen for a healthy snack of mushrooms and carrots. Had the cartel already eliminated this many people? Have we hacked our own arm as we try to eliminate these parasites, he thought.


He ran a routine check on the sector’s lights. Negative. The computer asked if he would like to run a diagnostic anyway. “Not today”, he mumbled, stowing the nearly antique computer back into its unit. He could hear something around the corner anyway, setting his mind at ease.

As he rounded the corner, Masena first heard the hissing breathing of the creatures. The click of their teeth was low, but alarming. On rounded its head toward him. Pink flesh, with two tumor like lumps over where its eyes should be. The lumps looked right at Masena.


Its sharp, razor teeth were bared at Masena, dropping the last carrot. The second turned his head quickly. He backed away slowly, not making a sound. Both heads followed his movement, but did not make a move.


As he reached the side of the hallway, he felt a thick drop of something wet land on his head. He reached up with one hand, never taking his eyes off the two hideous and dangerous creatures ahead of him. Another thick drop fell on his shoulder, then another, bigger then the last. He looked up, only to find a giant creature drooling down on him. Its mouth was open, and slide down and around his head.

With frightening speed, the two smaller creatures began to devour him from the feet up. His muffled screams contained within the giant fleshy monster’s jaws, his hands fighting weakly against the horrifying monsters. Before long it was over, and all that remained of Masena was an empty bunk and an opening on the ship’s registry.


When the crew came for Masena, no one could find him. He had already been eliminated.

Happy Belated Halloween!