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M.A.F.I.A. - Mincemeat Pies

XI. The One With All The Pie

In the mess hall, Magpie looked through what limited options the food printer had. She was tired of the cold, mealy cereal that had been forced on them by the company.


On the last page she found a hidden treat; the final mincemeat pie. It’d been years since her last one, when she’d last seen her parents on holiday. She missed them dearly, worried that the way things were she’d never see them again. Would they know that she was innocent? Would anyone ever find out what happened aboard the Vorga?

Someone behind her cleared their throat, trying to get her to hurry along. Startled, Magpie hit the touch screen for mincemeat pie. If she wasn’t going to have peace of mind, there was at least pie. She turned around, and looked at her killer.

As the pie assembled and churned down the conveyor belt of the printer, the cartel member lunged with a kitchen knife. Magpie narrowly sidestepped it, but the knife dug into her uniform. “What the hell!? You can have the pie,” she yelled, running away from the murderer. Another stab, this time slashing across her ribs. Magpie screamed as she struck the cartel member in the chin upwards.

Dazed and staggering backwards, the murderer spoke in a metallic, garbled voice. “I’m not here for an entirely different kind of pie”. The knife raised, the murder ran forward and swung down on Magpie. Magpie tried to shield her face, but failed to protect the rest of her body. She remembered her parents again; thinking how much she’d like to see them after all of this was done. The cries were horrific and brief, and Magpie was no more.



Several hours later, Muck came into the mess hall to find Magpie dead on the floor, a single mincemeat pie half eaten on her corpse. He called for help.


Once it arrived, Muck realized the mistake he had made. Magpie was dead at his feet, and his only alibi was he was sleeping. He knew he was innocent, but with the crew distressed as they were, there was no way for him to convince them of it. He was voted unanimously to be executed, under suspicion of being part of the cartel.

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