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M.A.F.I.A. - The Real Vorga Blues

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XII. Heavy Conscious and Heavy Heart

The Vorga had lost over two-thirds of its crew over the last several weeks. Many of them had died for profit at the hands of killers who were willing to trade their friendships for credits. Nearly as many had been executed by the crew as a whole, searching for the mysterious cartel among them.


Couch Gnome was sitting in her bunk reading. She read the same page for the tenth time, letting the words pass over her rather then hold onto them. It had been hours since she’d murdered her friend, Magpie. She tried telling herself it was just business, but she knew she was just lying to herself. Magpie was a loyal friend, and she died because of circumstances outside her control.

Couch Gnome even thought for a moment she herself was a victim in the same way. “The cartel made me do it— I had no choice” she thought to herself, but she couldn’t quite convince herself.

It was the day shift, and a meeting had been called by the captain to address how the Vorga was going to run effectively on an ever dwindling crew. Gnome closed her book and walked to the mess hall. Inside, she looked down on the dark stain where she had left her friend and winced.

“I’ve gathered you all here to take a new vote. I believe we’ve gathered enough evidence to nearly positively find one of the cartel members,” the captain exclaimed. None of the crew, including the captain, betrayed any emotion.


As the votes were cast, Couch knew she wasn’t going to get out of this alive. After each vote was taken, every other crew member glanced at her on their way back to their seat. She was tired anyway, tired of murdering friends for profit, tired of the lying, the deceiving.

She walked up to the front to cast her own vote, and felt the cold iron of cuffs around her wrists. The captain never looked her in the eye as they walked her to the airlock. She screamed for Amanda to save her, her last true friend on the ship, but knew there was nothing that could be done. She had caught a glimpse of the captain’s tally as the airlock’s doors closed. Everyone, including Amanda, had sentenced her to die. Well, good for them. They got one. The outer airlock doors hissed open.

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XIII. Destination

Amanda was on the warpath. Her crew was done, it was only her left. And it was all DisturbedShadow’s fault. She knew what was going on in the day shift, the whispers and pointed accusations that were more often wrong then right. It was his fault that her career as a smuggler was practically over, and it was his fault that so many innocent people had died in the crossfire. With Gnome gone, she knew what she had to do, and had just found the means to do it.


Disturbed was in his bunk, still recovering from the previous attempt on his life. The hole in his liver was healing well, but he wasn’t at a hundred percent yet. His experience as a field medic gave him an advantage, allowing him to address any problems his wound was having at the time.

The hallways passed by as Amanda walked with purpose towards the bunks. Everyone was out working, trying to pick up slack on the ship even in the dead of night. Only Disturbed remained in the bunks. The heavy weight of the blaster tucked against the small of her back reassured her as she entered the bunk sector. She knocked at Disturbed’s door.


Nervous, but confident in his abilities as a medic, DisturbedShadow hollered back, “Its open!” The door flung open, startling Shadow, who dropped his medical supply bag to the floor. Blaster drawn, Amanda leveled it at Shadow’s midsection, kicking the medkit under the bunk, out of reach.

DisturbedShadow backed against the wall, his legs hanging over the bed frame. “So it’s come to this?”


“You knew it was coming to this. For a doctor, you’ve sure done your fair share of killing”, Amanda said, never moving the gun’s focus off Disturbed.

“I was just trying to find the cartel. Someone had to be analytical about this!” Disturbed panicked, his side starting to hurt again. He could feel his stitches strain, but couldn’t address them without his medkit.


“And look where that put you…” Amanda sighed. She fired two blasts at DisturbedShadow’s chest, burning holes through his uniform, his flesh. He didn’t scream as he expired, but the sounds of the laser echoed down the hallway.

Amanda walked calmly out of the bunk, smoking blaster still in hand. Novibear came running to inspect what the noise was, incomplete pink pants draped over his shoulder. He looked from the blaster to Amanda, and back at the blaster again.


“You….?” He said, shocked. Amanda moved quickly, turning a corner and running down the hallway to the bridge. Novibear dropped the pants and alerted the remaining crew to meet him at the bridge. “Bring weapons”, he informed, then broke connection.

A long fifteen minutes passed for Amanda on the bridge. With only one way in and out, she knew this was her last stand. She crouched behind the navigation console, ten yards from the reinforced bridge door. The dull sound of boots on iron rang out on the other side of the door. It was time.


With a hiss, the door opened, and Amanda popped out of her hiding place, firing into the opening. Her green laser flew past Mayushii and the Captain OffKilterPendulum, narrowly missing both. The bridge erupted in returning red lasers, firing blindly into the room.

Sparks flew as consoles erupted in smoke and fire. Amanda ducked behind her cover, changing her blaster’s power pack for a fresh one. The red hue of the lasers marred half of her face, making her look as if it had been smeared in blood.


The firing stopped. “Amanda!” Captain Pendulum yelled. “Come out with your hands up, and we’ll go easy on you.”

Amanda looked down at her now fully charged blaster and thought about her options. They all ended the same way, so was there really any choice? She jumped up and whipped around, blaster pointed too high to sail through the opening of the bridge door.


At the sight of the blaster, the armed crew fired. Hitting Amanda several times before hearing the captain’s orders to cease fire, the room was filled with smoke and the acrid smell of seared flesh.

The last mafia member dead, the remaining crew breathed a sigh of relief. Those five had survived the ordeal, outliving the cartel and many of their crew mates. A holomessage sizzled to life on the bridge as they composed themselves, Amanda’s corpse smoking behind it. A planet appeared, words spinning around it like rings on Saturn.


“You have reached your destination.”


So that’s the end of the second Mafia game! The surviving members of the Vorga are Abracadaniel, Hucota7, Mayushii Nyan~, Novibear of Pants, and Captain OffKilterPendulum. Congratulations guys, you’ve made it!


This was a really good game, and I really liked how a lot of it played out. Even the experimental features that were added into this game over the last Mafia game worked pretty well. I’m sure there will be another Mafia game sometime soon, and will update this post when I have more information. UPDATE: DisturbedShadow is going to be hosting the game in a week or two, be sure to reply here or message him on Discord to sign up!

In the meantime, thank you all for playing! I have been your story writer, ghost captain, and moderator Rienier. Excelsior!


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