Sorry, Mr. Hardy. Sorry, Ms. Theron. Sorry scary clown/skull-faced dude. There is but one character that stands out above them all in this incredible film: Flaming Guitar Guy.

I just got home from this movie, and as someone who was never really a fan of the original films (although I certainly appreciate how iconic they were), I can say that all my expectations were absolutely blown away... then set on fire... then melted down... then inserted into a sweet electric guitar and sprayed out as flames of ROCK.

The character’s official title is “Coma-Doof Warrior”, and the crazy rig he rides (hangs?) on is actually called “The Doof Wagon”. I’m not making this up. His Doofiness is played by an Australian actor/musician who goes by the name, iOTA. Oh, and his epic, amped-up ride? Yeah, it actually works.

Here’s hoping the Doof Rocker and his Doofmobile make an appearance in the game! Also, you should really go see this movie. It truly is an astonishing work of art.