I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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...was the nickname of one of my video game music references back in the day. Yuzo Koshiro was a star of last weeks episode of Diggin' In The Carts and Red Bull Music Academy has a very nice interview up today with the man... nay, the legend. Choice quote:

Can you tell us about the music for Streets of Rage 2?

Sega received the music for Streets of Rage 1 really well. So, I wanted Streets of Rage 2 to continue where it left off. The club sound is something that's ever-changing. The music I made for Streets of Rage 2 was more techno than the first game. That's because it was techno and hard techno that I was hearing when I went to Yellow and other clubs. It'd been getting more and more popular. I was aiming first to bring in new sounds, rather than trying to take it to the next level. I was hoping to make it sound more up-to-date when I made it. Not only that, but house music had evolved as well as techno, and was kind of leaning towards funk.

If you're wondering what changed exactly, it was the development of the samplers back then. A style incorporating old funk music, ethnic music and such, with beats from the 808 and 909, established itself, and that time saw a lot of evolution. I wanted to reproduce that in Streets of Rage 2. I made a lot of different percussion sounds with FM. I tried putting the beats in more complex arrangements. The synthesiser was the same too. At the time there weren't just beats, but a Roland bass machine called the TB-303 too. If you opened and closed the filter, it made a distinctive sound. I wanted to reproduce that with FM synthesis.


Insightful stuff. Mandatory full read over here.

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