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Major Test of Strength My Butt! Or How I Gamed These Annoying Shrines

Just in case you’re like me, and you run in fear when you step into one of these shrines, take heart. As long as you’ve got the right gear, these butt guardians become pussy cats. And I’m not talking about the Master Sword or anything like that. Still interested?

Step One: Get a Frostblade


I managed to find a Great Frostblade somewhere along my journey, but I’m sure this trick will work with any type of ice based weapon. Regardless, once the trial starts, just run head on toward the guardian and take a mighty swing. If you do it correctly, the guardian will freeze in its tracks, ready for step two.

Step Two: Get a Thunderblade

I’m sure this would work with a Flameblade as well, but the Thunderblade’s electrocute perk is why I go this route. Once the guardian’s frozen, switch to the Thunderblade and swing again. This will dethaw the guardian, but will immobilize it briefly by electrocuting it. I’m pretty sure you can see where this is going.

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 to 2

Seriously. That’s it. Switch back to the Frostblade while the guardian is electrocuted and swing at it again to freeze it. Just repeat this combo and the guardian will never move from this spot. Easy peasy. You can try Ice Arrows but I feel like the swapping between bow to melee might be too cumbersome compared to this method. Regardless, if you’ve been avoiding these shrines and have this gear, give it another shot. It’s painless. Just take your time and you’ll do fine.


Now, I just have to figure out where to get more Frostblades and Thunderblades for the other Major Test of Strength shrines. But, that’s a problem for another time. Have at it, adventurer! And let me know if you have similar methods for taking down these guardians with relative ease. I’m sure there are a few given the flexibility the game gives the player to tackle obstacles.

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